Pricing (3 months free trial)

FeaturesLevel 1 SubscriptionLevel 2 Subscription
Unlimited Tasks*
Unlimited Managers and Staff/Agent*
Task Filtering
Automatic Assign Staff
Staff Groups
Email Notifications
Custom Email Notification Templates
Email Tracking (Email Piping)
Private Credentials saved in form of encryption
Private Notes for Staff
Export Tasks
Match Branding Colors
User Groups
Custom Task Categories, Priorities and Statuses
CRM features to manage contacts
Additional Role
Custom Fields and Staff Only Fields
Custom Form Templates
Support (additional support from Nuoem billed at $9.95 per hour)**1 hour per month2 hours per month
Storage10Gb free10Gb free
*Terminated at any time and refunded for unused months if billed yearly
$29/billed monthly

$299/billed yearly

$79/ billed monthly

$799/billed yearly

Additional Storage$12 /month per 10Gb


*Other similar services charge per user/month; we offer unlimited users and unlimited tasks, up to the storage limit. 1 Gb of storage could keep track of roughly 1M pages of text. We suggest that you store large files on other cloud storage services such as Dropbox and share the link in CRMHelpDesk.

**Make use of our free support during your 3 months trial to setup your workflows and help desk.

How do we bill for disk storage?

For example, if you have a Level 2 Subscription using less than 10Gb, your price is $799/year. If you exceed 10Gb storage, we will alert you to reduce your disk usage (delete old files/tasks, move large files to other cloud storage). If you continue to exceed the free storage limit, we will bill you for the remaining months based on a yearly subscription.

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