What is MaaS?

Learn about our unique Marketing as a Service program

Do you try to do it yourself and simply learn as you go ? Is there an alternative to spending thousands of dollars per month before your sales result can justify for it? This is where our service comes in.


“Marketing is expensive!” is a phrase often mentioned by companies who have done marketing themselves. Traditional outsourced marketing doesn’t come cheap either. The following article offers an informative summary of the typical cost of social media marketing (ranging from $2000 to $10,000/month):

There is a better way through MaaS (Marketing as a Service)

For startups and OEM factories, we operate as a partner in creating high-margin consumer-product-brand business, functioning with clients as an integral part of the organization. In most cases we proceed via our existing channels in order to reduce the time required for new brands to establish a worldwide presence from several years to less than twelve months.

The first two years of “go-to-market” is typically the most challenging and we enable clients to “springboard” into the global market with minimal risk and expense.

For more established companies, we have a MaaS (Marketing as a Service) program to complement your marketing strategy and relief you from the tedious work of implementing a digital marketing program and maintaining highly versatile website (SEO and social media integration, security, e-commerce) for resellers and manufacturers.