Technical Features

This document lists the features for reference. The User and Manager Guides will walk you through how to utilize these features.

  • Advanced Task Filter

    Staff members and customers can easily filter tasks by text search or by custom fields. The filtering system allows them to save and reuse the filters; this makes it easy for them to quickly apply the filters they need again and again.

  • Assign Staff Rules

    Tired of assigning your staff every time a new task is created? With this feature, you can set automatic rules that assign your employees to the new tasks. By creating rules based on categories, priority and other criteria, you can make sure tasks are assigned according to your company's hierarchy - so that you can keep up with the progress!

  • Custom Fields

    The default task form isn't always as useful as more information is needed to create a successful task. With Custom Fields, you are able to customize your task form with more than 12 types of fields, set conditions for their visibility, and much more. Determine what you need to get done with a wide variety of options to customize your tasks.

  • Email Notifications

    At any time, you can change the standard email notifications by creating your own custom templates for any events such as New Task, Task Reply, etc.  You can also automatically add recipients, set conditions to trigger the email - when the task is in a specific category or when the task is assigned to a specific staff - and include dynamic text macros to customize the email to your needs.

  • Email Tracking (Email Piping)

    Instantly turn every email received into a task by email tracking. CRMHelpDesk can automatically create tasks out of customer emails based on a variety of criteria - including the contents of an email message or the sender/receiver, so you can quickly manage all of your tasks without ever needing to log in to the site. 

  • Export Tasks

    The export features on our CRMHelpDesk allow you to select the particular fields of task form you want to export - including all fields that are enabled but not attachments, descriptions and replies. You can export all tasks or apply filters to only export the tasks you need in CSV format.

  • Guest Tasks

    Your visitors can create tasks without having to sign up for an account. This is suitable for the usage of general enquiries, complaints and other non-account related issues.

  • Multiple Forms

    Gravity Forms is a powerful, highly customizable plugin that lets you create, manage, and track unlimited forms. With the integration with Gravity Forms, you will be able to create all the forms you need, with the ability to choose from a number of different fields and add a wide variety of page layouts.

    • User Friendly yet Powerful
      With an intuitive visual form builder, powerful field collection tools, and real-time live previews, you can create any kind of form that caters to the needs of your business - from quick surveys to long product registrations.
    • Conditional Logic
      Conditional Logic lets you configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button based on customer's selections. This gives you complete control over your form and helps you tailor the form exactly to your customers' needs.
    • File Attachments
      With Gravity Forms, you can add file upload fields to your form and request photos, videos, or documents from your customers that help you better understand their requests. This will smooth out the process by removing the need for your customers to transfer files between applications.
  • Private Credentials

    Sensitive information, such as website access details, FTP access, user credentials, and more, has to be gathered from customers in some cases. With this feature, you're able to keep this sensitive information safe and secure - your customers can simply save their sensitive information in the form of encryption.

  • Private Notes

    With private notes, staff members can communicate with each other about different aspects of a single task within the task conversation. Staff members can ask questions and make requests that only internal staff will see. These discreet internal notes improve the quality of service for customers and create a smooth working environment for staff members.

  • Reports

    The Reports panel gives you a quick overview of reports for a time period, with statistics for all tasks, the First Response Time for conversations, the Categories of tasks etc. 

  • Staff Groups

    You can now create groups of staff to whom you can assign tasks to. Groups are a great way to assign multiple tasks to all employees in particular departments. The power of groups is that either one of them can reply to the task and you don't have to assign tasks to each person. Staff can manage their own tasks while supervisors of the group can manage tasks for everyone in the group.

  • Staff Only Fields

    By setting up specific fields for staff view only, you can give your team all the information they need to work efficiently and provide the best customer service possible.

  • Task Categories

    Categories are useful to group similar tasks together and easier to assign suitable staff or staff group for the tasks. With custom categories, you will have a better overview of pending tasks and be able to manage the tasks accordingly. 

  • Task Priorities and Task Statuses

    Priority and status are just as important as the task itself. Sometimes, a task can be timed differently than its importance. With that in mind, you can customise your task priorities and task statuses. These two factors can help businesses manage their workloads systematically and keep track of what should be tackled next based on urgency and importance.

  • Translation Ready

    The CRMHelpDesk can be translated into any language. We allow you to create multilingual websites and manage the entire process from within a single dashboard.

  • Unlimited Staff and Roles

    CRMHelpDesk lets you create as many staff members as you want to handle your support workload more effectively. The Manager and Staff roles are preset. However, to match the additional needs of your business, you can also add other roles like Supervisor, Administrator and more with different permission capabilities.

  • Unlimited Tasks

    When it comes to customer support, there really is no substitute for having a system that works seamlessly with your customer service team. With CRMHelpDesk, as long as there is a need for it, there is no limit to the number of tasks created by your customers.

  • User Groups

    If you're working with a group of people or an organisation, this is the best tool for you. With unlimited user groups and members, group members can keep track of their's tasks while supervisors of the group can view all the tasks belong to the group. 

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