SC Edit Task Notification
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Edit Email

You can choose the event to send this email and customise the subject and description of the email. You can use macros to replace dynamically while actually sending email notifications.

Events available:
New Task – sent after a new task is created
Task Reply – sent after a reply added to a task
Change Task Status – sent after task status is changed
Assign Staff – sent after a staff is assigned to a task
Delete Task – sent after a task is deleted
Private Note – sent after a private note added to a task
Change Task Category – sent after task category changed
Change Task Priority – sent after task priority changed

Email Recipients

Edit the email recipients and add additional recipients if you wish.

Assigned staff: All the staff assigned for the task
Manager (all staff): All the staff with 'Manager' role
Staff (all staff): All the staff with 'staff' role
Additional task recipients: additional recipients added in the particular task
User Group supervisors: Customer with 'supervisor' role in their User Group if there is any
User Group members: Customer in their User Group without being checked as 'supervisor' if there is any


You may set your rule to determine when to send this email such as specific category, specific staff, specific priority etc.


To retrieve information related to the task, customer or agent, you can insert the macros to pull the value.

There are many useful macros available such as {assigned_agent}, {customer_email}, {ticket_history_all_with_logs}. You can check out the full list in our demo.