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NuPrime Audio


NuPrime aims to achieve yet greater heights of excellence and value in high-performance audio.

Encore Design

Encore mDSD

The ENCORE mDSD USB powered DAC and high-performance headphone amplifier will bring greater realism and clarity to the music you love. The ENCORE mDSD is ultra-compact and connects easily to your computer or mobile device. Capable of PCM 32/384 and DSD 256 decoding, it supports playback of high-resolution, studio master audio formats.



NuPrime HD-AVA

$2,995.00 $1,049.00 Sold By NuPrime Audio

HD-AVA offers the additional 200W X 2 power amp that is similar in performance to IDA-16 amp. With the discounted price, you are essentially getting the integrated amp at huge discount, with AV processor and media server for free.



NuPrime HD-AVP

$2,250.00 $645.00 Sold By NuPrime Audio

HD-AVP is an excellent all-in-one product equivalent to "AVP + Media Server + DAC-10 USB DAC"



NuPrime MCH-K38

$2,995.00 $1,995.00 Sold By NuPrime Audio

The MCH-K38 amplifier is derived from the ULCAM (Ultra Linear Class A Module)+Class D design first introduced in IDA-8.  By joining a powerful high impedance single-ended amplifier circuit in the preamp stage with a well integrated Class-D power stage, the MCH-K38’s rich tube-like sound and tremendous speed is sure to impress audio enthusiasts.  By utilizing a 1000W power supply and CMA capacitor array, the MCH-K38 fully exploits the Class A+D design’s ability to deliver massive amounts of power and speed when needed by a single or two channels.

Custom Designs

NuPrime Pi-9

$499.00$584.00 Sold By NuPrime Audio

NuPrime Pi-9 is a custom designed chassis for Raspberry Pi 3 with external high quality switching power supply and internal power filter board to ensure clean 5V supply.

NuPrime Audio Parts

NuPrime Remote-DAC10(H)

Remote control for DAC-10 and DAC-10H

NuPrime Audio Parts

NuPrime Remote-IDA16

Remote control for IDA-16

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