SocialSQL Facebook Search WordPress Plugin

Social media intelligence is key to a company's brand and product marketing. SocialSQL Facebook Search provides features beyond Facebook's simple search:

  • Create precise keyword searches with more relevant results.
  • Conduct a search targeted toward Posts or Comments.
  • Integrate targeted search results on a product web page.
  • Perform searches against all the administered Pages or a custom list* of Pages

By using the SocialSQL Facebook Search WordPress plugin, a website can

  • Integrates targeted search results on a product page to show only the product-related social media posts and comments.
  • Allow users to search the Facebook feed directly from the website.

Use Cases:

  1. A company's support staff can monitor search results from a list of commonly occurring problems or complaints on Facebook posts and comments. The company's internal support page can automatically show real-time search results from keywords such as "fail", "problem", "bad", "not working", etc.
  2. A company's marketing staff can monitor any mention of competitors in their social media comments.
  3. Integrate user reviews and positive feedback from Facebook Posts and Comments on a product web page.

SocialSQL Facebook Search Plugin Features

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages Integration
  • Unlimited Search Field Insertion
  • Shortcodes available for targeted search
  • Display all results or in a defined limit
  • Sync automatically



  • Free trial for 6 months
  • Lifetime purchase for $29.95 USD or annual license of $9.95

Starting with SocialSQL Facebook Search consists of three steps: registering, installing and setting up the plugin.

Install SocialSQL Facebook Search Plugin

  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select 'Add New'
  2. Upload the plugin installable zip file and select 'Install Now'
  3. Activate SocialSQL Facebook Search from your Plugins page

After Activation

  1. Go to to register a user account
  2. Go through the user guide and set up the plugin for your site
  1. To get started with SocialSQL Facebook Search, you have to register a user account on our website. Kindly register here.
  2. After installing and activating the plugin, head to the plugin page.
  3. Click on 'Add Source'.
  4. You will be redirected to our application login page. Enter the username and password you registered on to continue.
  5. After login in successfully, you will be redirected to Facebook with your current logged-in Facebook account.
  6. After granting access to SocialSQL Facebook Search, choose the Facebook page you want to connect to SocialSQL Facebook Search.
  7. Please make sure all permissions are granted. SocialSQL Facebook Search might not work correctly if you turn off these options.
  8. After connecting to your Facebook, you will be redirected to the plugin page to choose the page source.
  9. If your Facebook page is connected, you will see it listed in the table with the page ID.


Short Codes

Add keywords search for Facebook posts and comments on your website:

[socialsql_pagesearch pageid="your page ID" limit ="10"]

  1. Add this shortcode [socialsql_pagesearch pageid="your page ID"] to your post or page where you want to include the search feature.
  2. You can optionally supply a limit argument in the shortcode (e.g. [socialsql_pagesearch pageid="your page ID" limit ="10"]) to limit the search result.
  3. You will see the search field with your Facebook page name.
  4. You can search all posts with the symbol asterisk (*) or specific keywords.

Generate custom Facebook search results on your website:

[socialsql_keywordposts pageid="your page ID" keyword="any keyword" width="200" limit="5"]

Use this shortcode when you want to show specific posts from your Facebook related to the website content. You can show product-related Facebook posts or reviews on your product page. Or you can show the post content based on a category on your website, such as listing all production videos posted on Facebook on your website.

  1. Add this shortcode [socialsql_keywordposts pageid="your page ID" keyword="any keywords"] to your post or page where you want to display the search results with certain keywords. Eg. [socialsql_keywordposts pageid="your page ID" keyword="review"]
  2. The value of the width argument is optional. It is the width of a Facebook-embedded post. The default is 500, or you can set it to any value. Eg. [socialsql_keywordposts pageid="your page ID" keyword="* or any keyword" width="200"]
  3. You can also optionally supply a limit argument in the shortcode to limit the search result. Eg. [socialsql_keywordposts pageid="your page ID" keyword="* or any keyword" limit="5"]

The image below is an example where our client listed the Facebook posts with the keyword "ida-8". The shortcode used is [socialsql_keywordposts pageid="1618813335063479" keyword="ida-8" width="500" limit="4"]

  1. Why do I need to register on your site?
    To authorise the usage of our plugin.
  2. Why are there two logins?
    The first login with the SocialSQL logo requires you to enter the user credentials that you have registered on our website. The second login is for your Facebook account.
  3. Can I search other Pages?
    You can only search Pages that you have admin access. The future release of our plugin might enable searching other public pages.
  4. How to input the search field?
    Use this shortcode [socialsql_pagesearch pageid="your page ID"] and get the page ID from the plugin page after integrating SocialSQL Facebook Search with your Facebook pages. You can limit the results output with the argument "limit", e.g. [socialsql_pagesearch pageid="your page ID" limit ="10"])
  5. Why is there no result after inserting the shortcode?
    Check that you have the correct page ID.
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