Magic Precision Case Study


Magic Precision provides high quality die casting and related manufacturing services at competitive prices for low to medium-sized orders. It is a tier-one supplier to several large global enterprises and has customers in Europe, Japan and USA.

Being a traditional manufacturer, Magic Precision does not have an IT team and finds enterprise cloud-based CRM features daunting. The per-user pricing is not cost-effective.

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Typical of a manufacturer, they have the following problems:

  1. RFQ (request for quote) from a new customer could involve sales, engineering, and the production team working together for a quote. Existing customers could initiate a new project that also required RFQ. They need an easy to use workflow system that allows team members to be notified and respond to the RFQ or new projects and tasks assigned to the next person in charge.
  2. They want a task and project-based record of the emails and online communications among clients, suppliers, contractors and staff.
  3. They need a support ticketing system to track production and product problems.
  4. They need easy to create custom forms for various sales and projects. They might even tailor it for a customer.

Magic Precision's requirements appear to need a suite of cloud-based applications, perhaps even involving custom development work. 


CRMHelpDesk provides an integrated online platform to meet Magic Precision's business needs for unlimited users and tasks at an attractive price

Magic Precision created several staff groups in CRMHelpDesk, each lead by a manager. The groups are Quote, Order, RFQ, and Support. There are six categories within CRMHelpDesk and several workflow status.  Magic Precision staff simply followed the guides, default templates and Use Cases to setup the services quickly, with occasional help from CRMHelpDesk staff.

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