Op amps on evolution dac  


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21/04/2019 5:32 am  

I am assuming Nuprime had reason for the choice of op amps.

Are you able to tell me what type was used so I can do a little research.

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04/06/2019 2:46 am  

Today I had a discussion with our chief engineer and we concluded that opamp replacement for Evolution DAC should not be allowed for most users for the following reasons:

1. We have already selected and tuned opamps used in Evo DAC for the best sound and stability. 

2. We can not prevent users from making mistake in installing opamps - inserting the opamp in the wrong way could result in damage to the circuit.  The repair would be very expensive, possibly replacing the entire Evo DAC board.   Furthermore, if users use badly designed custom opamp or incompatible opamp, it could still result in damage to the circuit.

Therefore I have to admit that what we wrote in the manual about giving user the possibility of replacing opamp wasn't a well thought out and complete statement.  DIY opamp replacement is a practice for a few knowledageable audiophiles, but I don't think it should be attempted for a high end model such as Evo DAC.  

If you really want to try, we can assist you, but be warned that replacing the opamp will void warranty.