Hello ! This is Eduardo G in Mexico City  


Eduardo Gutierrez
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05/04/2019 12:49 pm  

Just to start.

We should make use of this space.

I am distributor/dealer for Mexico of this incredible brand

I am a kind of believer on what NuPrime brings, it's the future.

The Series 9 (DAC-9+STA-9) is such a high value and incrdible sound ion such a small footprint.

IDA-8 is a lovely and ultra competitive product.

IDA-16 is simply awesome it has such a great presence both to sight and hearing.

DAC-10 is a gem, it is my main reference DAC when dedicated listening or fine tunning my loudspeaker designs.

I really like NuPrime's approach, very confident, honest, no tricks.

Have I said packaging is also a very good and nice one ?


Where are you from and what are your thoughts ?