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Hi Folks!

This is Bob Smith of TDSS and Aether Audio. We thought that you might be interested to learn of our newest product, the Mobile Bus-bar AC Power Cord (MBB-AC). The information below is from it's Product Page on our website:

The Aether Audio MMB-AC is available both here from NUOEM ...
(Overseas customers & interested dealers please contact Jason at NUOEM)

...and from our affiliate online reseller Coyote Sound.
(USA Sales Only)

BTW - Coyote Sound is your Premier NuPrime Audio, NuPrime-X & TDSS representative, and now we are offering ALL NuPrime Audio & NuPrime-X products with the TDSS...

D.R.R.T. Upgrade No Extra Charge - and Shipping is always FREE!

Yep, that's right! Pick the components of your choice and we'll have them installed by TDSS with their NuPrime Factory-Authorized and highly proclaimed D.R.R.T. Upgrade for FREE.  Your cost is only their standard, listed MSRP price... not a penny more... and domestic shipment to your location is INCLUDED!!! For a list of TDSS Upgrade User Reviews, please check out the following page from the TDSS website:

NuPrime Listener Reviews

So be sure to pick up an Aether Audio MBB-AC or several when purchasing your new NuPrime or NuPrime-X product. Also, we should let you know that the MBB-AC was specifically designed to be the perfect complement to the NuPrime products and in particular, the Digital & Switching Technology that they are based upon. With the included free TDSS Upgrades we doubt you'll find better sonic performance and value for many times their combined price!!!

Aether Audio Mobile Bus-bar AC Power Cord

----- From MSRP $795.00 USD ea. -----


"The Vortex Filter “Mobile Bus-Bar” AC Power Cord (MBB-AC) is unlike any other, as within its singular, innovative design are combined the advanced engineering concepts embodied in our proprietary "Smith Cell" technology along with the most SOLID, time-proven construction techniques known to science."

FYI - The MBB-AC version listed here is the "stock" version that employs the molded AC connectors located at each end as shown in the photos above. If you prefer, we can custom-build them to your preference using high-end AC connectors from companies like Cardas, Furutech, Wattgate, Oyaide, etc. Please contact NUOEM or Coyote Sound for options & pricing.

For further details, please check out the MBB-AC Product web page linked above. If anybody has any further questions, please don't hesitate to post them here and we'll be happy to answer the best we can. Thanks for your time and...

Take care,

Bob Smith
Aether Audio

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