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NuPrime Audio Parts



CDP-9 parts: Display input panel, DAC board, USB board, Transport mechanism, Remote control.

NuPrime Audio Parts



CDT-8 Pro Transport mechanism, Remote Control.

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D-Stream Audio

D-Stream Arpeggio


A speaker with wraparound and rich sound Three high-performance transducers controlled by 3 amplification channels with DSP allow Arpeggio to deliver a rich and clear sound. The bass enhancement function and the presence of an adjustable 6-band equalizer accentuate the exceptional sound.

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D-Stream Audio

D-Stream Primo HD


The D-Stream Primo HD is a multi-zone wireless audio receiver powered by Qualcomm® AllPlay™ that allows you to stream music simultaneously across as many as ten different audio zones throughout your home.

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D-Stream Audio

D-Stream WAMP-200SB


Powered by Qualcomm® AllPlay™ multi-room audio technology, the D-Stream WAMP 200SB delivers a high performance open ecosystem for whole-home audio music streaming. The product is designed to be easily configured to play synchronized music across multiple rooms (Party Mode), or different music in multiple speaker zones. Play music from popular cloud-based streaming music services including Hi-Res 24-bit/192kHz content, local music libraries on mobile phones, or DLNA media servers.

NuPrime Audio Parts

DAC-10 to 10H Upgrade Kit


Upgrade Kit to convert DAC-10 to DAC-10H.

NuPrime Audio Parts



DAC-10 Display board and DAC board.

NuPrime Audio Parts



DAC-9 DAC/Preamp board, Remote Control, Sleeve. Please indicate the color of the sleeve when placing the order.

NuPrime Audio Parts



Evolution DAC Remote control

NuPrime Audio Parts



HD-AVA Power Supply board and Amp board.

NuPrime Audio Parts



HD-AVP Power Supply, HDMI board.

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NuPrime Audio Parts

HPA-9-Front Panel Control Board


HPA-9 Front Panel control board.

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NuPrime Audio Parts



Power supply for NuPrime IDA-16 or NuPrime Reference 20.  Please select the matching model.

NuPrime Audio Parts



IDA-16 DAC/preamp board, power amp board, power supply, front panel board, front face-plate, top cover and remote control. Please specify the color in the notes when ordering the front face-plate and top cover.

NuPrime Audio Parts



IDA-6 power supply, amp board, front panel board, remote control and power cords.

NuPrime Audio Parts



IDA-8 display, preamp, power amp and other parts.