Nueom Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company engaging in marketing services, social media analytics software, and online platform focusing on e-commerce and learning.

Our CEO, Jason Lim, has spent 24 years in the US Silicon Valley working as a senior engineer for leading technology companies (Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Netscape) that have brought the world innovations in the database, microprocessor, and internet technologies. He co-founded NuForce in 2005, a consumer electronics company focusing on creating a premium audio brand with distribution in more than 30 countries (NuForce was sold to Optoma, Inc in 2014). Jason led the sales and marketing for NuForce, achieving numerous awards (CNET World’s 10 Most Beautiful Audio Products, Wired Top Earphones, Product Of The Year Awards from USA and Japan) and product appearance on Yahoo Home Page, USA Today, Men’s Health, Engadget, CNET, The Absolute Sound, and many other consumer magazines and regional newspaper.